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Why shortening an URL?

Whether you're on a forum, on a social network, on a blog, on a chat system or emailing someone, no one likes to see very large urls. They are complex and aesthetically unpleasant.


We can transform an url like this:


Into this MinorURL:


Advantages of using short URLs:

Short URLs can solve the following issues:

✔ For example, when you send a link to someone and that person needs to copy the link on its smartphone (and the link is too big) the person may have some difficulty doing so.

✔ Long URLs may not fit well in brochures or other types of paper marketing.

✔ Some social networks like Twitter does not allow more than a certain number of characters, making impossible doing long URLs posts.

✔ Long URLs are harder to remember.

Works with any page of your Website.

Let's suppose that you have a website with a free hosting provider and you don't have a paid domain. Probably to access your website you need to access it via https://hosting-provider.com/mysite. This can be hard to remember. Let's assume that you have created this MinorURL: https://minorurl.com/site to access your website and that you want to access your website's page "/news". With minorurl you don't have to create separate urls for different pages, you can access your "/news" page through the main url already generated: https://minorurl.com/site/news

Terms of Use

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